Thursday, January 04, 2007

LoudLaunch makes it's debut

I admit I have a second ulterior motive for checking out the various paid blogging programs out there besides my desire to earn extra income. I'm also comparing and contrasting the programs out there for a future article. The latest to hit the blogosphere is LoudLaunch. The sign up process for LoudLaunch was easy and the approval process for this blog was rather quick, the same day that I signed up. Amounts offer depend on rankings of the particular blog, this blog was approved, I also submitted my other non-political blog but it has a much lower page ranking and it has not yet been approved or denied. It could very well be denied or if it is approved I understand thru the way LoudLaunch is set up that blog would be paid less per opportunity. One of the selling points to advertisers is LoudLaunch gives them the ability to create campaign's starting at $50.

The amount per opportunity and/or ranking could be a factor for people who do not have blogs with high technorati or google page ranking. Yet if you are approved, the blogger dashboard is easy to use and the posting process is also very easy to use. The disclosure policy is clearly listed and similar to PayPerPost you are paid 30 days via paypal after the post is completed. A small difference is LoudLaunch asks you to keep the post on your blog for a minimum of 45 days but I don't normally delete posts anyway so for me that was not a factor. I'll keep you updated as to the how the rest of the process thru LoudLaunch continues...

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.


Lisa Renee said...

As an update, once you submit your blog you then get the snippet of code that is to be inserted at the bottom of the post. Again, another very easy process and it clearly addresses any potential disclosure issues.

The blogger dashboard however does not appear to update quickly to reflect the status of the opportunity post information. I logged out and logged back in to see if that changed it.

However, the additional feature in the blogger portion for "My Posts" that shows you how many views and clicks you have received for that particular post is a nice feature.

Stephanie said...

You're definitely doing your research. I hope this works out well for you. Getting paid to blog is a great opportunity when you get the hits!