Friday, January 19, 2007

Jesse Jackson supports Obama...

If I needed another reason in my list of reasons I don't want Barack Obama as President that would be it. Yes, it appears I am one of the few Ohioans to the left who is not jumping up and down at the prospect of Barack Obama running for President. Making it even worse, race is already becoming a factor in the Obama hype. I personally could care less if Barack Obama was purple or pink and white polka dotted, I don't think he has the experience or has demonstrated that he can make tough decisions. We don't need a president who has to stick his finger in the air to see which way the wind of public belief is heading to decide what to do. The loudest bunch is not necessarily how the majority of Americans feel, they just happen to be the loudest...

For the same reasons I thought it was bull that blacks would support Ken Blackwell here in Ohio just because he was black, I think the media attention such as this is also bull. It has to be about more than race...otherwise every woman in America should fall for the same line of bull and support Hillary so we would have the first woman president based merely on her sex.

Some of the recent articles give me Obama smoking is a major presidential issue? Apparently:

Win or lose, he faces the big questions, like what does he stand for? Can he take the heat and go the distance of a rigorous campaign? Does he have enough experience? Will he be hurt by his middle name, Hussein? Will he quit smoking?

That last one causes the most concern among Democrats with whom I have spoken. The party that reveres the memory of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who jauntily flaunted his smokes in a fancy cigarette holder, now is the first to exile those who pollute their own lungs. Senator, snuff it out!
(I hate to be the one to break the news but Democrats smoke too.)

The same article points out another discussion that really shouldn't matter if you really vote on a person based on their actual qualifications, is Obama white or black? Of course if he were white then we would have to base this on his qualifications alone rather than the stories about African Americans wanting the first black president. Which we already did have happen according to some. After watching what the media did to Howard Dean, then watching his campaign end basically because of one small thing that was overblown (yes the supposed Dean scream), if I were an Obama fan I'd be worried. Today's media darling ends up being tomorrows sacrifice to the rating Gods...


Cyberseaer said...

I just read an articule that said that Clinton is in the lead in a recent poll with Obama in second.

All I have to say is that if these are the two top runners for the Democrats in 2008, the Republican party will win the White House again, even with the crap job that Bush has done. Most of this country is not ready for a black or woman president yet. I would vote a black and/or female president, but not these two. I would rather vote for Hitler than than power hungry poltical climber Clinton. And I will not vote for Obama just because he reads off a telepromter very well. This country needs a leader, not an orartor. Looks like the American people will lose in 2008 no matter who is elected. Yuck.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"This country needs a leader, not an orartor. Looks like the American people will lose in 2008 no matter who is elected."

With the current crop of candidates running, I don't see ant strong leadership yet.

Perhaps the REAL candidates have yet to announce; or, they have and are waiting for the crowd to thin out a little before campaigning.

At least, I see some potential, in the back of the pack.