Friday, December 01, 2006

Having your name inspired by the Mona Lisa

Perhaps part of the reason I have always been interested in art may stem from the fact I grew up knowing that my father wanted me named "Lisa" because of his fondness for the painting of "Mona Lisa" and a subsequent song about her. While I don't blog about art as often as I'd like, in my personal life and in discussions elsewhere there are paintings and artists that I do focus on and I've been known to spend hours searching online viewing paintings.

Discovering a website such as Art in the was then an understandably enjoyable experience for me. My tastes in art vary, from Salvador Dali to Vincent Van Gogh to many in between of varying styles and classifications. I found the additional resource material listed on artists well done and very interesting I think it helps to create more interest on the artist rather than just providing their paintings. Some of what we know about these great artists helps us to see what perspective they brought into their work.

I was not surprised to see my favorite painting of all time by Pierre August Cot entitled The Storm did not get mentioned on the website, my history with that painting is one that some of you know as well as my goal to one day stand before that painting to see it in person...

Realizing that there are probably not many Cot fans out there, for the rest of you I really recommend bookmarking Art in the I think you'll enjoy the time spent there as much as I did.



artblog said...

I made this one especially for you:

Hooda Thunkit said...

That will be the US flag, someday ;-)