Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Big news in Ohio...

After a lot of speculation and quite a few people who wanted to see a Michigan/Ohio rematch at the BCS Bowl, the announcement came tonight and was important enough that it flashed on the bottom of our television screen:

After the numbers were crunched, it was Florida - barely. The Gators had a BCS average of .944, and the Wolverines were close behind at .934. The teams were tied in the computer rating, but Florida had a 38-point lead in the Harris poll and a 26-point advantage in the coaches' poll.

The close selection was sure to set off renewed calls to scrap the Bowl Championship Series and go to a playoff.

There are going to be many disgusted Michigan fans who felt that they deserved this shot and the article is right that this will only increase those who have a problem with the way the whole ranking system is done for BCS.

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Me4Prez said...

I think Michigan is th second best team and would have liked to see them plau Ohio State on a neutral field, but I also think that they had their shot and didn't take advantage. besides, if they play well and beat up USC, they can say that they beat the team that all of the sports world thought was a dynasty and claim to be champions if Florida beats OSU