Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wooohooo Miami Dolphins!

Figures such an excellent game wasn't on here locally. However, I was happy to learn that Miami kicked some serious Bear butt today.

Yes, there was some major happy feet chair dancing moments...

Though I really don't like my team being called "lowly" this is what Sports Illustrated had to say:

The Bears' hopes of a perfect season came to an inglorious end today at Soldier Field. Joey Harrington tossed three touchdowns and the lowly Dolphins posted a stunning 31-13 upset



Cyberseaer said...

The Dophins upset the Bears again in the quest of the perfect game. You Miami fans have got to let this "perfect season" lore go. It was 34 years ago. a few players from that team are dead. Stop hanging on to past memories. Though, that's all you got to hang on to. Jet fans don't pine over the Super Bowl III win that legitatmized the AFL as much.

But a well played game. The receivers learn to catch the ball, instead of dropping it. Miami could be the spoilers of the 2006 season.

Lisa Renee said...

Yeah, I know you told me to let this go last year too.