Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tonight's a night I have been looking forward too

Tonight is a big night for me as a political blogger, I was given the opportunity to live blog the primary debate for the Lucas County Commissioner race and was asked back to live blog tonight's debate which is between the Democrat winner of the primary, Ben Konop; and the Republican winner of the primary, George Sarantou. As you can see by the banner - I even get mentioned on that. (Yes, I moved the blog but that aspect should work out okay.)

But, the pain came back today with a vengence so I'm hoping that I can pull this off. I'm a bit frustrated and disgusted with my body that it's doesn't seem to want to cooperate but I'm hoping for the best and took a friend's suggestion of taking a half of a pain pill so that I can function yet not be in the percocet zone...

Wish me luck...I have a feeling I might need it.



Me4Prez said...

You can do it. Pain is not allowed in this dojo

Stephanie said...

Probably too late, but good luck! I know you can do this!

Roland Hansen said...

You done good!!
But, gash dab it, will you please get your health back!!!
Best wishes to a very successful political blogger. Get well soon.

Lisa Renee said...

I know Roland, I pushed it to far today I found that out the hard way and I learned my lesson.

Thanks me4 and Stephanie, now I'm going to head off for bed.


Stephanie said...

Sleep well. I know you need it.