Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Leaked memo will not instill more confidence in Iraq

Since I'm in a descriptive mood, in what can only be viewed as a "boy this was not a smart thing to leak", comes this New York Time's piece on what is supposed to be a "classified secret document":

The memo suggests that if Mr. Maliki fails to carry out a series of specified steps, it may ultimately be necessary to press him to reconfigure his parliamentary bloc, a step the United States could support by providing “monetary support to moderate groups,” and by sending thousands of additional American troops to Baghdad to make up for what the document suggests is a current shortage of Iraqi forces.

Sometimes I really wonder what the purpose is of providing some of this leaked material. While there is the right to know aspect there is also the how much damage can it cause aspect that should be looked at. Do we really need to make things in Iraq even worse?

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Hooda Thunkit said...


These days, classified and secret mean that it takes two nanoseconds to get leaked, instead of one.

People in Washington place no value on such things, things of honor and duty. . .