Monday, November 06, 2006

Are you smoking rope?

I have to give Tony Snow credit for being creative when responding to reporters. After first covering what the First Lady was going to have for her birthday dinner:

For dinner, enchiladas, two kinds of tamales -- tamale one, bean and cheese; tamale two, chicken jalapeno and tomato. In addition, chili rellenos, guacamole, rice and beans and birthday cake for dessert. For other details, please contact the First Lady's press office.

The question later in the press briefing turned to the timing of the Saddam Hussein verdict:

Q The possible timing of this, just before the elections -- some people might be skeptical of that?

MR. SNOW: Are you smoking rope? (Laughter.) Are you telling me that in Iraq, that they're sitting around -- (laughter) -- I'm sorry, that the Iraqi judicial system is coming up with an October [sic} surprise?

Q November.

MR. SNOW: A November surprise? Man, that's -- wow.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that while it's probably not likely that this was planned that enough people have so much distrust in our current government that they'd consider it to be possible...


Me4Prez said...

I think Snow is smoking something. And I am pretty sure he is doing hallucinogens.

Stephanie said...

Or that Snow would make such a verbal oops at not knowing which month it was.

And, "smoking rope?" Hm.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Smoking rope???

Of course, hemp, not sisal :-)

We could then go on to discuss the name Snow... ;-)