Friday, October 27, 2006

It's raining, it's cold and I'm crabby...

Okay, now I feel a bit better - lol.

I'm trying to find a cheap raincoat since "someone" who promised they would buy a raincoat for a certain child who is going off to camp gave up. No, it's not Miguel's fault this time. :-)

For some reason the old fashion cheap rain poncho's that all of the other kids used for camp and that I bought earlier can't be used if they are going to ride horses. However, given the last raincoat I saw had an over $40.00 price tag? She might end up not being able to ride horses if it's raining that day. Seems really silly to pay that much money when I know she'll never wear it again.

I probably could have found one online cheaper had I done so earlier, that's what I get for not just doing it myself, when will I learn...

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