Monday, June 19, 2006

Republicans are robbing the bank and the Democrats are driving the get away car

The blogosphere is a buzz with reaction to Frank Rich's article entitled "Karl Rove Beats the Democrats Again". Yet it was this one statement made in the comments at Peking Duck by Debra Hope that pretty much describes how many of us feel at times.

The Republicans are robbing the bank and the Democrats are driving the get away car.

James Mtume, a Talk Show Host may be the creator of that comment...

So, if you haven't seen the New York Times article, and you aren't a subscriber to the pay version of the New York Times select, I'd recommend visiting the title link.

Some good points are made in the editorial.


Me4Prez said...

Karl Rove has not beaten the Democrats. The Democrats have found someone to blame for their losses when it is their own incompetence that has been the problem.

As much as I think Rove is an evil political genius, most political geniuses are aided by idiots as opponents. It doesn't hurt him that the voters are idiots too.

I don't mean to take away from his accomplishments, just to say that it is not hard to beat morons.

Jill said...

My parents saw the article before me because my dad gets up earlier than I do, not an easy feat, even on a Sunday, and steals and mauls the paper before I can get to it. However, they both took the time to say, Jill, Did you see this article? My response was, Isn't Frank Rich the guy that does movie reviews for the Times? I get the Times everyday but honestly, I've only seen one or two of Rich's non-movie review columns. I'm sure they're there - for some reason though, I never see them.

That said, look - anyone can pick apart what's gone wrong, what's going wrong. Isn't that what the blogosphere gets blamed for doing all the time? I know it's why all these mommy war books drive me NUTS.

Let's focus on getting ourselve HEALTHY without putting everyone and everything else DOWN. Well, you know, except Ann Coulter. Her - we can still put down. :)

Me4Prez said...

As long as we can still talk about Ann Coulter, I could try to be nicer to everyone else

Lisa Renee said...

That's part of what this article points out, that for the Democrats to actually be successful they have to come up with some actual ideas beyond blaming Republicans.

While Republicans are the majority and are of course more responsible for many of the problems we face, the Democrats have in some cases, especially when it comes to the war in Iraq have assisted...

Lisa Renee said...

I'd also point out my issue with the blogs that drive me nuts are the ones that are selective in their expecting responsibility. Those that excuse the bad behavior of person A yet drone on and on and on about similar behavior from person B. Expecting responsibility equally from all and expecting those we are about to elect to actually submit some real plans is to me the way to move forward.

While I agree with Scott that Rove can't take all of the credit I think Rich makes some valid points which is why I suggested reading the article.


Me4Prez said...

I think Rich does too. I just think that beating the Cubs does not make you a good baseball team and this is much the same. It is not a strategy to question everyone's patriotism or desire to protect America. A strategy would be to tell me what you will do and not that your balls are bigger than your opponents.

I try to be balanced in my attacks. It is hard when one side controls almost everything, but I do my best to point out that it is partially the other sides fault for that

Lisa Renee said...

I agree Scott if we just blame "the other guys" and don't demand some responsibility from "our side" we really aren't helping.

Granted I have a better chance of seeing the paint fairy than we probably do of getting responsibility and accountability from Congress the majority of the time.