Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More FEMA issues

I was reading the above linked CNN article and I came to this part:

The GAO also found that FEMA provided housing assistance to people who were not displaced, including at least 1,000 prison inmates, and also provided rental assistance to people who were simultaneously living in free hotel rooms.

Prison inmates? How did that happen?

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore but it's pretty sad that people would take money that was designed to help people who were hurricane victims.


Cyberseaer said...

I'm not. People suck and will double dip at every chance they can get.

Stephanie said...

Neither the fact that people would do this, nor the fact that the government would allow it to happen surprises me. Though, it is a shame, especially since a lot of people are getting tired of "helping" the victims of Katrina and Rita. All we need is more stories like this to make people all the more callous.

Me4Prez said...

It also doesn't surprise me that either side did it. The governemt agencies are incompetent and don't handle pressure well and the citizens are greedy.

Kate said...

Thoughts? *_#@#&*^^(!@_#%)@(#$&~%^~)&@#&(@#

All foul words. Can somebody come up with a far more serious word than mismanagement without something that starts with an 'f' and ends in 'uck' and isn't firetruck?

Hmm...can ya? That'd be my thought.