Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sorry guys

Some stupid idiot keeps spamming the blog with his hatred, over 18 posts in the past few minutes and he's been asked before to stop. I have his ip address, I've filed a complaint and I'm going to set up haloscan comments so I can ban his ip. So if you use the Haloscan where it says "thoughts" you can immediately comment, if you opt to use the blogger comments "?" that will be moderated for the next day or so.

Maybe I'll get used to the haloscan ones, it is cool that you can edit comments and use emoticons.



liberal_dem said...


Perhaps I'm not the one to comment on 'banning' as I was bounced from TT. I did not see the comments made by the person in question, so I'll have to rely on your judgement as to whether he should be banned.

My 'banning' from TT, as you may recall, was more of a grudge ban from jr because he thought I wielded too much power in my postings [something about using posters names in the title]. Of course, as TT is skewed to the right of the political spectrum, my liberal positions on issues irked a great many of the 'regulars' there. I believe I ended up as the 'sacrificial lamb' for the right-wingers to bolster jr's standing.

Lisa Renee said...

If I merely disagreed with him that would be one thing. However after daily writing here things like he has that are to me offensive and meant to spam daily? It's different than what happened to you. I'm not an advocate for banning 99.9% of the time but this guy is the .1% that deserves it.

Anonymous said...

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