Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gawking or Stalking?

Even thru their own title calls it "Stalking" and their graphic as well.

According to several news sources, George Clooney is asking that people flood the website with fake tips on celebrity appearances to make that portion of the site of no value to those who feel they have to know the every waking movement of some of these stars.

It brings up an interesting question though, do Celebrities or Politicians for that matter have a right to privacy? What about family members? Is this unspoken code that if you are a star or are running for an elected office or elected for an office that every tidbit of information on you and all of your family members immediately becomes "the public's right to know"?

My personal belief is that we don't need to know everything, especially when it comes to family members. Our political decisions should not be based on which candidate has the most attractive spouse or debated as to which hairstyle looks better. Nor should it surround candidates children, which I would also extend to celebrities children as well.

I also think Clooney's way of dealing with this sitution is a very creative one and it appears it is working:

our inbox was indeed flooded with hundreds of sightings, almost all of which were of George Clooney. We’re sure that’s exactly what he meant.