Monday, April 17, 2006

Phelps to bring his hatred to NW Ohio...

GIBSONBURG -- Around ten protesters are expected at a funeral Tuesday for a fallen U.S. soldier. Army Spec. Bob Clark, 32, died over a week ago in a motorcycle accident in Colorado.

The protesters are from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. They say American soldiers are dying because the government harbors homosexuals.

Clark was a Patriot Guard Rider. More than 100 bikers are expected to surround the funeral home and drown out the protesters.

Clark is survived by his wife and two kids. Clark's family considers the church a group of terrorists.

Patriot Guard Website has some additional information about Bob Clark's death:

Bobby was killed when he struck a truck that failed to yield at a stop sign. The driver was legally intoxicated. Bobby was on the way back from Canon City to Colorado Springs so he could meet up with his VFW Warriors brothers and ride up to the vigil for Sgt Matt Maupin in Morrision, CO.