Monday, April 17, 2006

Jury Selection begins...Blade's Yonke predicts drama

While I am interested in this case and I am following it as closely as I can, I'm more interested in seeing that the truth is discovered rather than being "entertained":

Thanks to the popular CSI television programs, today's juries expect a show in the courtroom - and prosecutors in the murder trial of the Rev. Gerald Robinson don't plan to let them down.

The prosecution is expected to augment its case with plenty of visuals, including the use of charts, videotapes, and high-tech "smart boards" that integrate the display functions of a laptop computer and an erasable whiteboard.

I can't help wondering how honest people will admit as to the question of bias for or against the Roman Catholic Church. If some of the recent polls in this area are an indication, as well as some of the previous discussion on message boards it's clear there are quite a few people in this area that are anti-Catholic, more than that are vocal about being pro-Catholic. That's one of the downsides to a jury trial for something like this. You have to hope that the jurors will be honest. Given the behavior of several past juries when it comes to cases that are known are going to be high profile I hope this jury is focusing more on the case rather than what type of interview deals they can make after it is over.

(If you are following this trial, I have created a companion blog that will contain a mirror of all of the posts from here on the Father Gerald Robinson Murder Trial)