Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's link lovin Thursday and if you believe in fairies...

Then clap your hands...which is about the same belief necessary to buy what Congress and the President is trying to sell the American public on the gas cost issue.

Cnn Moneyline reminds us of several things:

Terminals need to nearly empty their tanks to accept supplies of summer gas, which will arrive by May 1, said the American Petroleum Institute's Al Mannato.

Anyone remember the switch to ethanol?

Making the change is hard because ethanol, unlike MTBE, absorbs water and therefore can't be transported by pipeline, which is how most gasoline moves from refineries to regional markets, Mary Rose Brown, a spokeswoman for the refining company Valero (Research), told earlier this week.

So ethanol needs to be transported separately by truck or railcar from the Midwest, where it's produced, to the pipeline terminus, where it's then blended with gasoline as the gas is loaded onto trucks for delivery to gas stations, said Brown.

Then Congress urging the President to temporarily stop deposits to the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

"It's less than 30,000 barrels a day in a country that consumes 21 million. That's not even rearranging a single deck chair on the Titanic," said Peter Beutel, president of the energy risk management firm Cameron Hanover. "But psychologically, it has some effect."

You can however, get better smiles per post thanks to OTA, if you need to know what to do? Visit The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns infact that's how you can really contribute to saving energy. Stay home and blog, and don't forget to use this link for maximum efficiency.


Diane's Stuff stops by to share Holy Grail Found In Kentucky

And it’s plated in 24K-gold. Oh wait a minute. It seems I have my facts skewed. It’s not the Holy Grail, it’s the cup the mint julep comes in that will set you back $1,000 at this year’s Kentucky Derby, proceeds of which will supposedly help to raise awareness about the needs of retired thoroughbreds.

7 Deadly Sins writes about the same topic, A half-hearted attempt to reaffirm my conservative bona fides (Gas Prices)

A half-hearted attempt to reaffirm my conservative bona fides

Tor's Rants shares a post that I highly recommend, Maine Web Report Author Lance Dutson Sued by Maine

Of course, the point of this lawsuit is not to win a jury trial. It is to get Lance to stop doing his privilege and duty as a citizen of the State of Maine, namely, criticizing government and its contractors when he perceives that they are doing wrong. This is known as a SLAPP suit, which the First Amendment Project describes as follows...

123beta stops by to share Companies To Allow Workers Off For May 1st March

Large U.S. meat processors, including Cargill Inc., Tyson Foods Inc and Seaboard Corp said they will close plants due to the planned rallies.

Pure Gum Spirits would like you to know about Then: Hog Butcher For The World

Now: slave to politically correct fashion. Chicago bans the sale of foie gras in restaurants.

Planck's Constant dropped by to suggest If you can find a lawyer you like, give him this gift

Lawyer Gift - The Billable Hour - Clever Timepieces for Lawyers:

There is also a timepiece especially made for clients of lawyers but you have to bend over to get the time. And there's no certainty that it would be the right time.