Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bashing Gays to win election in Ohio

I know this has been talked about on the blogs, Buckeye State Blog as one example has discussed Blackwell's choice of campaign ads. Yet I wanted to relate something personal then go a bit further on this topic. Most of you know I have five children, Aubrey is my youngest and she is eleven years old. Last night I was catching up on blogging and she was watching television, the Blackwell add called "Traditional Family Values" came up. The ad came to this screen:

Aubrey said to me, "Mom, you're a liberal but you aren't a lesbian."

Which left me having to explain to my eleven year old why some Republicans and some Democrats are campaigning on trying to bash gays. She doesn't get it and I hope she never does, I hope she remains believing like I do that someone who is gay should be able to make the same decisions I can make.

Then today's Toledo Blade provided even more reasons why I don't want someone like Ken Blackwell to even be in office let alone the Governor of our state. In the article this quote stated not far from where I live in 2004:

Mr. Blackwell referred to same-sex marriage and said, "Farmers know if you want eggs to eat you don't produce them with two roosters or two hens. You need a rooster and a hen.

"The notion that a same-sex marriage can carry out the function of procreation or replenishing the human race defies not only human logic but barnyard logic,'' Mr. Blackwell said.

Barnyard logic...let's take a look at that for a moment. What happens when in the barnyard a baby animal is born that is deformed or has some other health issue. Most times the mother lets it die, or it can't survive fighting it's litter mates in getting food. Now, in your wildest dreams would Ken Blackwell stand up infront of an audience declaring that "barnyard logic" as something he felt should apply to us as humans? Of course not. Humans are not farm animals, our ability to love and nurture others isn't based on "barnyard logic", it comes from the heart.

One Democrat in particular has also made his feelings against gays a part of his campaign. Brian points out Bill Riter of Cleveland is promoting the fact that he doesn't support Gay Marriage and implying that because Mike Foley who does, should not be elected.

Simple solution, if you don't like homosexuals? Don't be one, then whatever they do has no bearing on you. Worry about making your own marriage work or finding the right person or raising your children, adopt more children, make your own life the best it can be. Concentrate on making Ohio a better place for all people to live in, no matter their sexual preference.

As an update: The Plain Dealer reports that thanks to Brian's blog and those like Eric at Plunderbund, attention on this matter has gotten the attention of not only the media but several groups who endorsed Ritter.