Saturday, March 25, 2006

How can you support someone who won't debate?

I'm not a fan of Ken Blackwell to make that clear upfront, and here locally we had a temporary situation where one candidate in the debate for Lucas County Commissioner initially said no, but did later agree to participate. The situation with Blackwell initially agreeing then deciding he was not going to participate is troubling. Even if you buy the theory that since he is ahead he has no reason to. This makes the impression that Blackwell doesn't care enough about the primary process to give voters the chance to make an informed choice. (Though if you visit Buckeye State Blog it is reported that Blackwell is going to step down from the race.)

If you are a Blackwell fan, this has a huge change of backfiring, especially since some of the already scheduled debates are not going to cancel them. The April 10 debate that was to be sponsored by The Plain Dealer, Columbus Dispatch and Dayton Daily News and televised statewide is off. But, according to the title linked article:

Cleveland City Club, a longtime Ohio political forum, will still have its April 25 debate - minus a key player.

"We'll just have Petro at our podium and let him have the opportunity to say whatever he wants," said Jim Foster, executive director of the City Club. "We can't let a candidate have veto power over whether we have a program or not."

The Plain Dealer also points out:

Even Republican George Voinovich, who held a commanding lead over Democrat Rob Burch in 1994 in one of the least-contested governor's races in decades, agreed to a City Club debate against his challenger. Voinovich won with better than 71 percent of the vote. Burch had requested a series of debates.

While I'm not exactly crazy about Petro, if I had to pick one candidate I wanted to see not make it thru the primary it would be Ken Blackwell. Not because I am totally anti-Republican, there are some good Republicans out there, especially locally. However, I have many concerns about Blackwell especially when it comes to his agenda and the agenda of some of his major supporters.


Stephanie said...

Debating isn't part of Blackwell's campaign strategy? Then what is? Ignoring the issues in favor of partisan rhetoric?

Lisa Renee said...

I guess he feels he is in a strong enough position that debating Petro could help Petro more than it would himself. Or his position is weak and it could make it weaker though the latest poll released shows him 11 points above Petro. So I think the rumors of him leaving the race might not happen.

Similar to the same philosophy of trying to drive candidates out of a primary. Hoping that it won't matter to voters. I'm hoping that it will matter to voters.

historymike said...

Interesting that Blackwell out-polls Petro among Republicans, but that Petro fares better against Strickland than Blackwell.

Maybe Ohio is not such a GOP bastion after all.

Or maybe the pollsters are on crack.

Lisa Renee said...

Or maybe...all of the above...


I haven't had a chance to really look into the poll all I did was read a quick blurb on the numbers.

Stephanie said...

I distrust polls. Statistics don't lie, but statitistians do.

However, not debating the issues seems to me to mean either Blackwell doesn't care about the issues or he knows people won't like his answers. Either way, he doesn't seem to be a candidate worthy of support.

Lisa Renee said...

I don't trust most polls either, except as a conversation item.


Mike and I both got this via email and he aptly pointed out to me that this should be included as a part of this discussion since it concerns one of Blackwell's campaign points, his TEL plan:


It's not a good sign for your campaign when Republican and Democrat municipalities are organizing against you and are quoted as saying things like;

"This whole issue sounds real sexy to voters - until you read the fine print," Bay Village Mayor Deborah Sutherland told the group.

Another speaker dubbed the Blackwell plan the "nexus of evil."

Stephanie said...

Actually, that's something that would make me like him more, depending on how the legislation was written. Wisconsin currently has something like that going on. Doyle has shot it down in all forms, but then again he's the one who's encouraging the frivolous spending on his pet issues, while raising our fees to support them.

Lisa Renee said...

From what I understand there are some major issues with his TEL plan from a legal aspect as well as from a matter of practicality. I think the one with the best TEL plan is the Libertarian candidate, Bill Peirce. But I don't know if any of these same groups have even taken a look at his to be able to compare their reaction.

Stephanie said...

It really does depend on how it's written. It could be good, or it could be a straight-jacket.