Monday, March 27, 2006

Chris Daughtry and the Walk the Line Controversy

I'm coming into this late because I haven't been watching American Idol this season, but being a fan of Johnny Cash I decided to weigh in on this one.

First of all the yahoo news story tells you that youtube has the video - it doesn't, it's been pulled due to copyright issues. Breath of Fresh Ink has a link where you can download the video if that is what you are looking for.

I decided to do a comparison on the various versions of Walk the Line myself, if you go here you can download the version sung by Live and the version sung by Chris Daughtry as well as the real original by Johnny Cash, the Soundtrack version by Joaquin from the movie and the Los Lonely Boys version which is inbetween the original and Live's interpretation of the song.

Yes...more Walk the Line than you probably ever wanted unless you are like me.

It's obvious Daughtry did copy a shortened version of the Live version of Walk the Line, if you listen to them both. What is up for question though is it's been stated he did give credit to Live as an inspiration for the version he used but it was edited out. So, should he be faulted for taking Live's work without credit if he really did state it was not totally his own compilation of the song?

That said, to me I still like the original, then if I had to pick a non-Johnny version I'd go with the Los Lonely Boys before I picked either Live or Chris's rendition of the song.


Me4Prez said...

I think the original is the best version. Some songs you just can't duplicate

Lisa Renee said...

I'm a very anti-remake type person but I did try to remove my bias to listen but to me even with the other versions I hear Johnny Cash singing it. Even the soundtrack version is okay and I liked the movie but Walk the Line and Ring of Fire are two of my "classic" favorites.

I thought both Daughtry and Live were very weak on the entry bass portion of the song.

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen the movie or listened to any of the re-makes, but I think anyone trying to re-do Johnny Cash is fighting the wrong battle. You just can't re-do Johnny Cash.

Cyberseaer said...

Stop it now! First off, if you compare any orginal artist with an American Idol contestant, you have a problem. This guy Chris is being hailed as the winner, but we will see. Nevertheless, he is trying to sing songs that he will suit for himself or pick songs that are suited for him already to win a contest. In this case, Cash put his heart and soul in his work and that is why people like it or (in my case) not.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER expect a cover to be better than the orginal. There are some exceptions, most recently RUSH on thier Feedback EP did covers of a few 60's tunes and did as well, if not better, that the orginal artists. Of course, I'm a bit bias. Also, I feel that Guns N Roses did better covers of Knocking On Heaven's Door and Live And Let Die than Dylan or MaCarthey (I will duck and dodge the debris now).

In short (HA!), if you don't like the cover of a favorite song, no matter who did it, ignore the inferior product and listen to the orginal.

Lisa, stop this. You will only get an ulcer, which would be more productivily done when looking at the demise of the Democratic party in Ohio by implosion. ;)

Lisa Renee said...

lmao C, which is why I tried to compare Chris to Live's version since it is very clear that's where his rendition came from.

The real question is will it get him booted and if so is it fair if he did credit Live and Idol edited that part out of his pre-show recording on the song.

Stephanie I agree, I know noooo one can do Johnny Cash like he did. I remember watching Johnny Cash on tv, and of course hearing my dad play his records. Cash was the only singer my dad liked that I actually enjoyed.


Stephanie said...

Ring of Fire is my personal favorite. Though, I tend to prefer contemporary country. Safe a Horse, Ride a Cowboy is currently top of my list, but One Boy, One Girl is my all-time favorite.

Lisa Renee said...

I don't like Country but I do like Johnny Cash.


Stephanie said...

LOL, but Johnny Cash is as country as it gets!

Lisa Renee said...

To me he doesn't seem country, I know it's strange but? I never said I was normal. Maybe I don't want to label him as country since most country music makes me want to run from the room. However, you have to remember my father also listened to Slim Whitman...


Stephanie said...

I have no idea who Slim Whitman is/was.