Monday, August 08, 2005

Trespassing and buying votes....

Seems neither of the three Democratic mayoral candidates follow the "no trespassing" type signs that some residents have in their yards or on their doors.

What's the going rate to buy support? Well Carty discovered for the 8 year old set it's promising a milkshake. Our current Mayor Jack Ford? Showing up and agreeing to have a sidewalk repaired that had been ignored for several years.

From the above Blade article:

One of the men who criticized the mayor in the morning requested a Ford lawn sign after the visit, Ms. Vahey said.

"That's what we're up against," Mr. Thurston said at one point, after attempting to sway a woman on her front porch with a list of Ford accomplishments. "We're up against the perception that the mayor hasn't done anything."

Got a tree that needs trimming? Street or sidewalk repair that you've been waiting to have done? Quick call down to the campaign office and tell them you'll take a Jack Ford sign if he comes out and promises to take care of it.

Better yet, call all four candidates and see what they'll offer for your vote. You might even get a milkshake out of the deal.

Best comment in the article has to be this one though:

Mr. Ford ignored a "No Trespassing" sign in the Point Place neighborhood last week, on a drive with a reporter, to pose for a photograph. He knocked on a nearby door to ask permission first, but no one answered.

He walked past the sign anyway.

"What are they going to do," Mr. Ford asked, "arrest me?"


Cyberseaer said...

"What's the going rate to buy support? Well Carty discovered for the 8 year old set it's promising a milkshake."

And this guy was a past mayor? Doesn't this guy knmow that 8 year olds can't vote or trick thier parents into anything. If it was a 13 year old, then maybe he'd get somewhere.

Ford doesn't seem to be much of a choice there either. Candidates who use bad superhero costumes, bride underage residents, and ignore privacy; boy Lisa looks like Toledo has a worst choice than the 2004 presidental election. Glad I live in a small town.

Subcomandante Bob said...

The Blade only scratched the surface of what these candidates are doing.

Toledo Tales has the real story:

Lisa Renee said...

Wow Bob, I hope you are going to be safe after that expose. Have you increased your number of body guards?


See C, now you see why this interests me, people actually pay for this kind of entertainment not to mention the fun I have writing about it - lol

Aaron said...

This cliche of buying votes has always struck me as odd. Fundamentally, can you really get away from 'buying votes' one way or another in a democracy? People are inherently looking out for themselves. Looking for the politician that will sustain or hopefully improve their way of life. If they are not looking for direct handouts they are still looking for a tax break or better security or some action by the government that will benifit them directly or by proxy via an improved society. Is this a bad thing? Probably not, it follows logic. The problems are introduced when campaign promises exceed what is rational to expect or even want, when all consequences are factored in (ie great city services but sky high taxes).

Lisa Renee said...

That's true aaron, I'd just like to think the decision to elect a mayor was based on more than "Oh look he fixed the sidewalk" or the price of a milkshake.

Faith said...

Me, too, cyber. I doubt this guy even knows the voting age. He is a policitian isn't he and if it ain't $$$, probably has no idea much about numbers. :) Lisa, what you posted didn't come as a surprise to me a'tall. Dangit ! Surely wish it had.