Monday, August 08, 2005

Speaking of brew....

This one from cnn as linked above was interesting:

In April, Anheuser-Busch Co. -- based in St. Louis, Missouri -- wrote a $5,000 check intended for the state Republican Party.

Instead, the envelope was addressed to the state Democratic Party, which promptly deposited the money.

Now, state GOP leaders say the South Carolina Democratic Party needs to return the beer money they are owed.

Democrats say the check is in the mail.

Katja Zastrow, Anheuser-Busch's regional director of governmental affairs in Washington, said in an e-mail statement that the check went astray "through a series of administrative oversights."

She said the company is working with both parties to resolve the situation.

Democrats say they have sent a refund check back to Anheuser-Busch: "Nobody should expect us to write a check to the Republican Party," said Lachlan McIntosh, the Democratic Party's executive director.

The GOP said the refund was sent only after it threatened a lawsuit.

Obviously it's a plot by some democrat who misaddressed the envelope, lol. Though I wonder why if the check was made out to the Republican party the dems cashed it in the first place.


Subcomandante Bob said...

Perhaps the $55K could be paid back in returnable Budweiser cans, for the dramatic value.

Jonathan said...

Dems stealing money from the taxpayers is to be expected...but from the GOP, too? That's just wrong!


Lisa Renee said...

Maybe they should offer some nuts or pretzles as away of an apology


Jonathan said...

Or a pair of beer goggles? I haven't used mine since college! :-D

Me4Prez said...

The Dems should have deposited it in an offshore account.

Jonathan said...

Or the Dems could have done like Air America and pilfer the money from needy inner-city school kids and Alzheimer patients.

You do have to wonder, though: was the check made out to the Republican Party, and if so, how'd the Dems manage to cash/deposit it?

Lisa Renee said...

Jonathan, I wondered why the check was chased in the first place too, if it was made out to the Republican Party they should have known it was a mistake. If the check was written out to the Dems don't see how there could be any demand to refund anything.

I also wonder how much beer drinking happens at AB that created the whole misaddressed envelope scenario.

As to the air america thing? Can't call myself a fan but they seem to recall it a bit differently



Me4Prez said...

I like Al Franken and hope that he will be my Senator after he beats Norm Coleman. I would rather have a comic as Senator than a guy who is a joke

Lisa Renee said...

All I can hear when I think of him is the irritating way he'd say "Hi I'm Al Franken" on SNL



Jonathan said...

Franken's too much of a moonbat to get elected. Coleman's beatable, but not by Franken.

Lisa Renee said...

I just would have a hard time taking him seriously. "moonbattiness" or not, but then again, it might be entertaining.


Anonymous said...

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