Monday, August 08, 2005

Is the new look or just me?

I remember how long it took me to get to the cherished 5,000 page views. It seems like it took forever. While alot of you don't comment, the visits to this site have grown amazingly recently. Today I'll pass the 8,000 page view mark, and within a day or two break 6,000 visitors.

That's pretty remarkable for a site that didn't really get going until March. Why is that? Because of you. Those of you who comment here make this blog an even better place, where I hope those who agree and disagree continue to participate. Thanks to you, I was accepted at Watch Blog and the Distance as well as DemocratVoice to write.

My web store with Liberal Common Sense items has done better than I ever expected, I created it mainly for my book (thank you to those who have bought it). However, the t-shirt with a cartoon picture a friend drew of me on a bar napkin that I scanned has been the top seller. Sooner or later I know I will run into someone with me on a t-shirt. Chris, I'm sure you had no idea at the time that one drawing that I harrassed you into doing of me at the bar that night would become that popular. Everytime I see it I am reminded of my old Convergys buddies and the fun we had. Though I woefully still suck at darts.

(for those of you curious as to how Chris drew me and yes he is an awesome artist, even on a bar napkin)

Thanks to you I was inspired to learn CSS to take the blog to a different direction so it didn't look the same as the other blogs out there. Thanks to the blog I've met so many awesome people that have inspired me, encouraged me and challenged me.

So thanks to all of my old friends and my new ones, especially Brew because he was the first blogger to support me and had it not been for him? I wouldn't be at the Distance or probably where I am today.


Brew said...

Awwwww. Thanks Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Brew is the greatest American. he is the cat's pajamas.

Subcomandante Bob said...

Brew once performed an emergency appendectomy on me in a WalMart parking lot.

True story, hand-to-God.

I was doubled over in pain, and he quickly diagnosed me with having a ruptured appendix. He said if the operation wasn't performed immediately, I would either die or wind up looking like a California Raisin.

He was able to pull off this complicated surgery with just a box cutter, some speaker wire, and a set of jumper cables.

Amazing guy, that Brew.

Of course, the bastard's surgery fees were through the roof, and my HMO wouldn't pay any of it, since WalMart was not part of their hospital network, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

I heard Brew shoots lightning bolts from his eyes and fire from his arse.

Lisa Renee said...

Man, you guys are going to get it if he comes back to this thread.....


Brew said...

All true, I can't deny it. I am a hero of mythology, and of parking lot surgery. I use a carefully folded Wrigley's Doublemint wrapper as a scalpel, and a slug from the bottle of Thunderbird as an anesthetic - and let me tell you - after a while, those thunderbolts start to kinda make your eyes itch - do you have ANY idea what my Visine budget is . . . . I'm not even gonna tell you 'bout the other end, lets just say spicy food isn't it's cracked up to be.

Anonymous said...

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