Friday, August 19, 2005

The Toledo Eleven Mayoral Poll

No real major surprises,

If the election was held today, who would get your vote?

Carty Finkbeiner: 39%
Jack Ford: 17%
Keith Wilkowski: 9%
Rob Ludeman: 8%
Undecided: 27%

However, I do have to give credit to both Keith Wilkowski and Rob Ludeman for the way they handled their comments on the results. Both were professional and upbeat about still having a chance in the race. Rob came across better than before as far as his energy in wanting to be one of the top two. Rob made a good point that the number of undecided was high and even got a cute dig in about Carty's possible behavior being an issue.

Again? Jack Ford did not choose to comment on the poll results, instead releasing a statement. While I understand that and the fact that the new "theme" is this whole "quiet effective leadership", it's obvious given the numbers related to his performance? He might want to start talking.

Is the city better off?
Better: 12%
The same: 32%
Worse: 52%

Do you approve of Jack Ford's job as mayor?
Approve: 25%
Disapprove: 52%
Undecided: 23%

While the political pundits are saying numbers that low do not equal a re-election I'm not counting Ford out. He's got a lot of money to spend between now and the primary.


historymike said...

I was surprised that Ford did as well as 17%, and that Carty snagged 39% this early.

I also had Ludeman pegged for 25% by September 13, so he has a long way to go.

Historymike's predictions (first listed 8-13-05 on Toledo Talk :

Carty - 30%
Ludeman - 25%
Ford - 23%
Wilkowski - 19%
The Other Three - 3%

Gozdowski really shot himself in the foot with the quasi-racist comments about central city residents showing up to work tardy, with poor hygiene, and in need of instruction on how to be employable. He's lucky the largely central city crowd didn't get any uglier; they showed remarkable restraint. If I were African-American and in that audience, I would have wanted to kick Don's a**.

I think Carty, Ludeman, and Wilkowski looked the sharpest. Ford was unimpressive, even with a friendly crowd, and his bragging about Costco as being evidence of his record on jobs was goofy. Opal was as loopy as ever; I can't believe she would do the Prophetess thing at a debate. At least she's consistent.

Lisa Renee said...

The poll was only three hundred families so even though it was done by our "Stan the Man" Poller, the number of undecideds was higher than I expected.

Only thing I could think of was Don was trying to be semi outrageous to get more attention but don't think it worked.