Friday, August 19, 2005

Dave Schulz takes on Karyn McConnell Hancock

Yes, Dave Schulz is running as a Republican for one of the at large city council seats, however at times he reminds me more of an Independent. I haven't heard how he feels about Noe or Taft, but he has made it a point to make an issue out of Karyn McConnell Hancock and Bob McCloskey's questionable behavior. In the article of the Toledo Blade linked above he points out the possibility of further ethics questions related to Ms. McConnell Hancock's representing clients infront of Toledo Municipal Court judges.

Nice way of getting the story back in the news again because voters do forget.

He also supports the idea of elminating the at large seats and reducing the number of Toledo City Council persons. I can understand his reasoning, especially since the majority of at larges we current have live in the same area of Toledo. I also understand the reasoning behind having the at larges, so I'm not convinced yet of his plan, but I am interested. He also is the main force behind a group called COBRA, Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability.

His website is well done though I would like to see it updated (hint).

So, for what a Lisa endorsement is worth? I would add Dave Schulz to my list, because I believe he does care about ethics and has the background to do a good job on City Council.

(For those keeping track, the Lisa "endorsed" list is Frank Szollosi, Mitch Balonek and now Dave Schulz; other candidates I haven't written about yet but think have some strong points, Bob Vasquez and Karen Shanahan. Phil Copeland I haven't heard much about yet to decide on. I do not support nor can see supporting either Karyn McConnell Hancock or Bob McCloskey. I know there are other candidates but haven't heard enough from them to be fair on my opinion. As soon as I do? You will of course be the first to know.)


Aaron said...

I concur on Frank and Mitch. Frank's blog has shown his commitment to reaching out to constituents. We need someone environmentally focused like Mitch because the city's recycling program is a sad joke.

The financial experience of George Sarantou definately makes him one to retain.

I'd like to hear more from Ernie...a recent UT Alum with the right ideas, at least in his statement of purpose.

Lisa Renee said...

I almost listed George Sarantou, but haven't done enough reading on him at this point.

I heard about Ernest Berry on Toledo Talk, and I agree he's got some good ideas but haven't heard much about him.

Subcomandante Bob said...

Dump the Duchess!!

Lisa Renee said...

Unless people keep making a point about it that probably won't happen Bob. Dave has to be careful not to make it seem like he's attacking but realistically he's the only one I've seen make ethics an issue that wasn't Noe related.

I keep getting told what a nice person KMH is, and I'm sure that's true. However to me it's more than just how nice you are. Anyone can make mistakes, lord knows I have more than my share in my past but it's about the attitude of ethics. Either you believe in them or you don't. If you don't? Then I can't support you no matter how nice you might be. It wasn't the ticket for me, it was the way she didn't care a disabled woman had to go around her car, the way she believed she was above the law and her own admission that she has parked illegally before when she has a free parking spot. Then her apology in city council was totally inappropriate. After I watched the videos? There was no way I could excuse this away.

Adding to that I have a major issue with the ethics issue being used as a hammer for one side but it's a simple mistake if it's your side. To me? Ethics should be enforced by your own party first, if they really cared about ethics....

Aaron said...

videos? what videos?

Lisa Renee said...

Aaron, the Toledo Blade had the videos from the police cars.