Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Talk about a lack of common sense.

Okay I know I am not normally snarky, but reading this comment at kos?

My wife and I saw Cindy on Anderson Cooper tonight, and we were both really impressed with her. I've been following events here on Kos too.

We live in Austin and would both like to come up to show our support this coming weekend. The thing is this: we have a 20 month old, and we want to keep her reasonably safe. What do the rest of you think? My wife and I would like to show our support.

Are you NUTS was the first thought that crossed my mind. The second one was what kind of a responsible parent would even think of this let alone post it on a blog to get "advice on". 'Gee honey should we take the baby to the protest by the side of the road? I don't know honey, why don't you ask some of the Kossacks? They'll know what to do.'

I almost responded but can't without asking this "parent" if they are NUTS!!!!!


faith said...

a 20 MO " want to keep reasonably safe " ? yep ! your comment would be honest, thus befitting. IMHO. Egadssss !

Josh Pollard said...

see, I told you liberals were all nuts :-)

Hooda Thunkit said...

Lisa wrote:
"Are you NUTS was the first thought that crossed my mind."

That Lisa, would be a rhetorical question and clearly beyont the mother's ability to answer.

But, she could always go on Kos and get a few opinions...


Aaron said...

Josh, are you saying Lisa Renae nuts or the parents seeking advice? Both? No, I don't follow your logic.

Subcomandante Bob said...

Agreed. Small children need to be nurtured, not put into potentially dangerous situations.

These people should get beaten with a sack of Valencia oranges just for thinking about such a thing.

Lisa Renee said...

Aaron, Josh doesn't think I'm nuts, only slightly nutty at times


Bob, that would be a perfectly good waste of oranges, unless you figured out a way to juice them afterwards.

Faith, I didn't think they'd appreciate my answer....lol

HT, thanks and I apologize to you all for not being PC, hehe

Cyberseaer said...

This so called parent's comment is answer enough. Can we call child Protective Services now?

When I heard stuff like this, I wonder if it isn't such a bad idea to carry a lincense to have children. Better yet, have everyone talk a basic common sense test. If someone fails, he or she get sterilized. I know the ACLU would be crying that civil rights are being violated. But in reality, their a lot of people in this country who shouldn't reproduce, including the "parent" in question.

Anonymous said...

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