Monday, August 15, 2005

Sorry all but had to make comments no longer anonymous

For some reason I've been slammed by spammers today so you will have to register to be able to post comments, I realize most who comment here already have done this, so it won't affect most of you. I apologize for this being necessary and hope that those of you who have posted anonymousily in the past will continue to contribute by taking the few seconds to register.

It's stupid that a few yahoos that don't have anything better to do feel this is the way to sell whatever they are pushing.

If you don't have a blog and need to create a user name here is the link to make it as easy as possible for you:

Get registered user name


*df* said...

hey Lis--

ya-wanna buy a watch?

reel ch eep!


Lisa Renee said...


that's about the only one not covered today,


*df* said...

No watch peddlers?

um.. that's because I drove them all out of business! yeah! that's it!

so whadda-ya say... 20 bucks?


It's a bone-fide Ralex.



historymike said...

Odd. I wonder why they picked your blog all of a sudden.

I hope, like fleas, that one of us mangy bloggers didn't bring them in with us.

Lisa Renee said...

I don't know Mike it was strange, the past few days there had been one or two of them but all of a sudden tonight it was well over 20 in a short time frame.

I didn't want to have to require people to have to sign in but until I find out from blogspot what's going on seemed to be the only way to deal with it. I wrote and asked if there was something going on because normally they take care of that.

Lisa Renee said...

I ran a whois on some of them but didn't seem like there was a connection.

Lisa Renee said...

I do need a new bracelet though, if you have one preferably with black stones, mine started losing stones the other day now I'm missing three of them.

Can't remember where I bought it and it's my favorite, guess I could see if the local jeweler can do something but it wasn't an expensive one to start with.


My timex is still ticking....

faith said...

lol ... not funneee but I thought, hmmmmm. Now. Had I not started at the top and worked my way down which is the norm for me :), I'd have known much sooner why I couldn't post and the whyfore. Sorreee this happened, Lisa. God Bless ya. Would think folks would have better things to do. Yea right faith ! Don't forget these idjits flitter around the filters on email. :)

faith said...

Why I have a blog site reserved. Yippieeeeeeeeee. :)

Hooda Thunkit said...


I registered so I could post to your blog and somewhere in the process I ended up with my own blog.

By your reckless actions and encouragement you have finally forced my hand. Now, I'll have to THINK every day to come up with something to write about.

But, at least I can rant ;-)

The Genie is out of the bottle and no one can find the cork...

Lord help us all :-)

Cyberseaer said...

Thank you Lisa. Now I do not have to be confused on which radio button to click on. All I do now is fill in my username and password and type my thoughts and maybe proof read, but that last part is always not used, as lots of my posts can be proof for that. :-)

I do think that it was a smart move on your part so that you don't have to deal with spammers and idiots who have nothing to offer but be a pain in the ass while hiding by being annonymous.

Lisa Renee said...

Yes, it was a twisted wicked plot to make all of you blog! MUUUUAHAHHAHAHAA - lmao

Thanks C, but I didn't want to make people have to register but it's obvious thanks to the spammers it was either do this or have 20 to 30 spam comments people had to wade thru.

Frank said...

Lisa Renee - I haven't been hit yet on my site, but I notice HistoryMike's Musings seems to be effected. Did I hear something about some worm today hitting? Probably no connection - unless you ascribe to the butterfly theory, I guess.

Lisa Renee said...

Frank, yes there is a new worm but it's only supposed to affect Win2000.

I think it might be a problem with spammers figuring out how to get around blogspot.

I haven't heard back from them yet.


Let's hope you stay spam free the egg was enough for you to go thru.

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