Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sin City

My oldest daughter said it was a movie worth seeing, so since we usually have the same like/dislike of movies rented it tonight. I'm not sure if I liked it or not - lol. I did find the black and white tones interlaced with only certain colors interesting, and the plot was somewhat unpredictable at some spots.

Glad I didn't spend the prices to see it at the top run theatre but for a rental not bad, though not advised for kids.

It was easier to follow than Alexander the Great though, man that movie skipped from the future to the past you almost needed a score card.

thus ends? Lisa's movie rental review....



Cyberseaer said...

Now this is funny. I was wacthing it yesterday. I tried to watch with me wife the night before, but she told me that she wasn't into and it and she felt that it wasn't a girl movie.

I missed it out in the threaters and had been waiting for it to come out on DVD. I loved it. I will admit tobeing a comic book geek in my high school and college years. Not so much now because comics are getting out of hand with prices. I haven't read this comic that was the basis for the movie, but I saw Frank Miller say (the writer and artist on the Sin City books) that the movie was 98% faithful to the story of the book.

It was an absolute joy to see a movie look and feel like the comic. The Hulk was close, but Sin City nailed it. I hope the suits at Warner Bros. see this and then want the same film team do the film verison of The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel also written and drawn by Frank Miller.

Definatel not for the weak at heart or children (which proves that comic books are not always for kids. Some of the comic book stories would be great novels in the mainstream. But because they mostly intail superheroes and have pictures, most adults think that comics are beneath them.). I will have to get the reprint of Sin City just to see how close the movie came to the story. It had that Frank Miller gritty raw feel to it and I just thought it was great. For the casual movie goer, he/she might not get it. This was like when Dick Tracy came out. In a time of innovative camera angles, Dick Tracy use all still shots and it was refreshing. Sin City is one step to changing movie making. I think for the better. The dialouge may have been a bit over the top for some, but with lines like "A young girl lives, an old man dies. Fair trade." That speaks volumes than a two minute Shakespean monolouge. I would bet that Shakespeare would be a comic book writer, since he always told his stories for the masses.

Do you think that I kind of like this flick? :) I could go on and on more, but most everyone is bored with this by now, I'm sure. I just making up for not commentting on the last several blogs here.

Just to want to let you know that I am here and doing well Lisa. Sin City is a kick ass flick.

Lisa Renee said...

OMG I don't watch girl movies? hehehe okay we already knew that. Maybe if I was into the comic book I would have appreciated it more.

I am and will ever be a fan of Gambit and Wolverine...

At first I have to be honest I was afraid it was going to be like Who shot Roger Rabbit with the mixing of the cartoon and real life. Which it wasn't.

Cyberseaer said...

I guess I can understand Gambit and that southern drawl thing. I was into Wolverine when I first saw him. I wasn't happy about the storyline of him without metal claws. When I saw Nightcrawler and learn about his character, I felt that I could relate to him more than all of the other superheroes. It was cool that Nightcrawler and Wolverine are close frineds.

Ok, enough of this or the rest of the bloggers will think that you have lots your mind talking about comics. How dare us. LOL

Lisa Renee said...

Well since when do we care if people think we've lost our minds? hehehe

I agree on what they did to Wolverine but still think he's cool. As to Gambit he's supposedly in the next movie so can't wait to see how they do that.

Have you ever watched the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?


Cyberseaer said...

Yes for two reasons. 1.) An action movie where lots of stuff blows up and 2.) Sean f---ing Conerey. That guy just is the true meaning of cool, even in his twilight years. Can't wait for the next Indiana Jones flick with him in it.

Lisa Renee said...

I agree with you on Sean, one of the reasons I watched it - I liked it so much I bought a copy of it used when the video store was getting rid of extra dvd copies.

Have you seen either one of the Heavy Metals?

Cyberseaer said...

Saw both of them. I liked the first one better because it was different stories tied in the green orb. The second was good, but I thought the story was lacking a bit. I don't mind strong frmale roles, but it seemed a bit over the top even for me. And I like stuff like that. I even saw the Matrix animes when everyone was waiting for the next two movies. By the way, the last two Matrix movies I did not like. They should stopped with the first one. The next two were too much style and not enough substance story.

Lisa Renee said...

I agree the first Heavy Metal had a better story plot, the graphics was better in the second one. Music wise the first one still rules, the theme song from Heavy Metal has always been a favorite of mine.

They came out with a computer game based on the second one, so you could have fun having Julie kill stuff - lol


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