Monday, August 01, 2005

President Bush will recess appoint Bolton

Sen. Christopher Dodd can urge the President not to use the recess appointment all he likes but there are some simple facts at work here. First, if there was any chance the President was going to drop Bolton as a nominee it would have already happened. Second, he would never admit defeat, especially to Democrats. Third, this is the only way he can get Bolton in the UN, which is what he wants (see reasons one and two). Fourth? He can blame it on the Democrats for leaving him no choice since they would not drop the filibuster. While he's at it he can say the atmosphere surrounding the nomiation of John Roberts led him to believe that the Democrats were not willing to "do their jobs". Scotty McClellan is already laying the groundwork dropping hints that it is all the fault of those bad Democrats.

What's the bright side to this? Bolton's only there till 2007 under a recess appointment. So the Democrats can say whatever they want, but a recess appointment gives them the chance to make an issue out of anything Bolton does wrong. They might get some "see I told you so" moments out of this, or at least ensure that Bolton is on his best behavior since they will be watching.



Lisa Renee said...

CNN has just confirmed that Bolton was recess appointed.

I should have bet money on that one.


Cyberseaer said...

My wife will be mad since the annoucement came during the time her soap opera goes on. She missed about half of her show.

Me? I really don't care about the loss of show nor the appointment. I'm still looking for work. But I did noticed that Bush is actually speeking better and with at lot less ums.

Lisa Renee said...

Aubrey's watching the Grinch so I missed him on tv.

I was being thankful that she finally got tired of watching Bring It On, if I heard "brrr it's cold in here" one more time I could have lost what little sanity I have left.


I was wrong about Rogers-Brown so this restored my faith in my ability to guess what the President will do next.

Jonathan said...

I'd pay big money to see Wilford Brimley drop a "Kofi, you ignorant slut"! :-o

Bob said...

Yes you should have taken bets, this was a given for the clown. See I'm being nice.

Lisa Renee said...

Well Bob I was wrong about who President Bush was going to pick for Supreme Court Justice too, what's that saying? Even a clock is right twice a day? hehehe

This one was really a no brainer so I don't understand why the Democrats didn't expect it. There was no way he was going to pick another candidate. Personally I think it is an abuse of the constitution since that was not the reason the recess appointment was created, but both Democrats and Republicans have done so in the past.

Don't think you'll get your wish Jonathan, given the British didn't even want to work with Bolton on at least one occassion should be interesting. Then again, how much more ineffective can the UN become.


historymike said...

Not a surprise. I think that the Dems wasted a lot of political capital on an appointment that, in actuality, has little effect on the lives of Americans.

Unlike, say, that of a Supreme Court justice.

While Bolton may indeed be the AntiChrist-like figure that many want to paint him as, he is still only the UN Ambassador.

Remember - the US ignores the UN when it is not in our interest to play like a team.

Lisa Renee said...

That's true HM, it's just to me anyway, not that it matters at this point, but it seems a bit counter productive to send some one that doesn't play well with others. Why I'd never be good at politics either.

I have a hard time buying into the outrage over using the recess appointment when both sides have done it, even JFK.

If the constitution is going to be followed when it comes to what the recess appointment was supposed to be designed for then both sides need to make that a committment.


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