Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My blogrolling updates

or...who does Lisa read....

It should come as no surprise to my regular readers that not just anyone makes it to my blogroll, I realize there are sites out there that may link me and I appreciate that, but to me my blogroll lists blogs that I actually read on a regular basis. Some that I have listed don't link me. You don't have to necessarily present a point of view I agree with as some of my other blogroll members can attest too. I use my blogroll to easily find sites that I like to visit. Yes, that is not the traditional way of you blogroll me, I blogroll you but when do I follow tradition. (Why is it every time I write something like that Fiddler on the Roof's Tradition starts running thru my brain?)

That said, some sites I haven't previously mentioned that I think are worthy of my time as well as yours. First, Northwest Ohio net, This is a news site for our area, the creator is more conservative in nature yet has listed posts from sites such as mine in the opinion section to create a more balanced view. That to me is what blogging is all about, a shared view.

This next one, Jonathan's Crush Liberalism, I debated not because of the name, since that's not what he is about. We both share some Libertarian ideals, but he is more conservative than I am on alot of issues. Jonathan points out some interesting topics that I feel are read worthy. As Josh and OG can attest, I welcome all opinions here so to not include him would not be me. To his credit he linked me way before I linked him.

Steve has made me a co-blogger on Distance which I have really enjoyed, however I until recently did not visit his personal blog. After I did? It was obvious that The Aging Hipster should have been on my blogroll alot earlier.

The newest blog to catch my eye had me listed which I didn't realize. I mentioned him earlier in the below post. He is another Ohioan from my local area and while I don't agree with all of what he writes? He does write some very good posts and satire that even non-Toledo area readers would enjoy. So welcome Political Whore as the most recent addition to my blogroll.

As I end this with a plug for my favorite bloggers who have their own special category, happy reading and I hope that you get as much enjoyment from them as I have gotten from all of you.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lisa, you are too kind!

Jonathan said...


I would have posted this comment on Lisa's original posting, but since it's dropped off the page, I didn't know if you'd read it or not.

My apologies for the case of mistaken identity. I mean that, too. Lisa assures me that you are not the Steve I thought you were. I'll spare you the whole story, but in a nutshell:

A moonbat named Steve used to come to my blog and spew paranoid leftist garbage (instead of thoughful or reasonable dissent). He engaged in name-calling, and eventually got ignored when he violated Godwin's Law (which basically states that any gratuitous comparisons to Hitler for shock value render the writer's point moot and no longer credible, and he/she is to be ignored). He referenced certain conservatives as "American Taliban." So I and others ignored him. He kept trying to bait us to respond, but eventually went away (after following me to other blogs).

Anyway, everything you mentioned about yourself was identical to him: liberal, retired USAF, etc. I checked out your profile, and blogs you were listed under had other identical common bonds: distance running, links to crazy sites like Media Matters (no, I'm not wanting to debate that), etc.

In short, it looked like you were him, though he had a picture profile and you don't. I just thought he took his picture down (and if you ever saw him, you'd understand why). I figured he was following me around again. Some people get off harrassing others.

So, any scathing attacks that were levelled at you were not really meant for you, but for a Steve that serves no useful purpose in the arena of honest debate. In other words, since you weren't the Steve I thought you were, don't take it personally...it was intended for someone else.

Whew...believe it or not, that actually was the condensed version! There's much more, but I'm all out of drama right now! :)

Perhaps I'll get around to actually addressing your points, but until then, please accept my apologies for a case of mistaken identity.

Jonathan said...


Thanks for the kind words, and for the link. Like you, I link to compelling content, irrepsective of how much or little we have in common. :)


Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »

Anonymous said...

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