Tuesday, August 02, 2005

John Roberts and the Toads

No, it's some some band that he formed back in College, nor is it a fairy tale. Welcome to the latest speculation of WWJR do if appointed to the Supreme Court.

Having decided the french fry case wasn't one to make an issue out of, we now turn to the toads.

Roberts suggested that federal power is limited, urging the court to reconsider its decision restricting a San Diego area construction project because it encroached on the habitat of the rare arroyo southwestern toad.

He questioned whether "a hapless toad that, for reasons of its own, lives its entire life" in one state could be regulated by the federal government. This was stated as part of his dissent.

Now, it is being said that by this decision he not only appears to hate toads, but the environment as well. Realistically it had to do with commerce, but that would cloud the issue and not unite the Toad Lovers against John Roberts. It really appears the questioning of John Roberts by Congress will be hopping......


CFIF's view


Josh Pollard said...

I'm not quite sure what to take from your post...Do we actually agree that this toad thing is being completely blown out of proportion and twisted by those at the far left?

If so, I'm running to the calendar to write this day down! :-)

Lisa Renee said...

Better get a pen and your calendar Josh....