Friday, August 19, 2005

Cross posting info

For those of you interested in my theory of why the war in Iraq was necessary I have written both on Watch Blog and on the Distance.

Both are the same so it's your choice which one you'd prefer to read or comment on.



The Seriously Ill said...

can you link those posts please?

Lisa Renee said...

sure, they are both on the right side bar where it says "Other places I blog"

but the links are Watch Blog



Faith said...

Dangit, Lisa, I'd really like to read and can't access. Any way I can .. never mind, I'll simply bookmark in Lisa's Folder. Hope that will recall it. And I'll title one Watch Blog as well. Drats !!! I wanted to view. Oh well .. later, I'm sure. Know I won't forget. :)

Anonymous said...

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