Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another attempt to cause riots in Israel

The headline for Haaretz reads:

Israeli terrorist kills three Palestinians in West Bank

Jerusalem Post:

Jewish settler guns down three Palestinians near Shilo


Gaza evictions under way; 3 killed in West Bank

Washington Post:

Israeli Gunman Opens Fire in West Bank

New York Times:

(no headline just a blurb in a front page paragraph that doesn't even get the number killed correct)

Also, an Israeli killed two Palestinians in the West Bank

What does this show you? Well besides making the point that it's better to trust newspapers from that area if you really want facts; it's obvious that this was another attempt to cause riots by Arabs.

Hopefully just like the last time, this will not work. When even Hamas states they'll get revenge but later because they don't want to disrupt the disengagement maybe it's time to realize that it's over and the disengagement is not going to stop.


The News Writer said...

I disagree completely. The Haaretz headline is an attempt to prove they'll call an Israeli a terrorist too. I prefer all of the others to that one ... for the same reason that I wouldn't say "A Palestinian terrorist opened fire on Israeli soldiers." "Terrorist" is a prejudicial word. If you want facts, stick with the simplist descriptions, not one that could be in dispute.

In 1776, there were a lot of folks the British might have considered terrorists.

Lisa Renee said...

The Jerusalem Post has also referred to this type of killing as terrorism, though they didn't headline it that way.

From their article about the shootings:

Less than two weeks after
Eden Natan Zada murdered four Israeli Arabs traveling on an Egged bus in Shfaram, another Jewish terrorist shot dead three Palestinians and wounded two others, one seriously, near the Industrial Zone at the West Bank settlement of Shilo.


While I understand your feelings about using the word terrorist, both Haaretz and JP have made it a point to call these types of acts on both sides terrorism.

The deeper issue for me was the lack of facts, especially related to this being an obvious attempt to cause riots. The CNN article especially dances around this point. The Washington Post gets it most accurate, where as the New York Times only mentions it in passing and then doesn't even get the numbers right.