Saturday, July 23, 2005

Silliest reason to not support John Roberts

Tonight I heard one of the silliest reasons yet not to support John Roberts for the Supreme Court. There will be too many *gasp* Catholics on the bench. So I did what I always do, started doing some research on this "Catholic invasion" of the Supreme Court.

Let's start with the current make up of the Supreme Court as far as religion:

William H. Rehnquist - Lutheran
Stephen G. Breyer - Jewish
Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Jewish
Anthony M. Kennedy - Catholic
Sandra Day O'Connor - Episcopalian
Antonin Scalia - Catholic
David H. Souter - Episcopalian
John Paul Stevens - Protestant
Clarence Thomas - Catholic

Replacing Sandra Day O'Connor with John Roberts means there will be one Episcopalian, four Catholics, two Jews, one Lutheran and one Protestant. If you look at the stats on the site linked that is not that far off of the make up of the varying americans and their religious beliefs. Except one could say we have a disproportional number of Jews on the Supreme Court (1.8% of the population versus 22% on the Supreme Court).

I haven't heard anyone complaining we need to get one of those Jews to retire so that we can restore religious balance to the Supreme Court. Let's hope when Rehnquist retires President Bush does not dare suggest another Jew or another Catholic. Let's focus on religions that have never had a Supreme Court Justice: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormons, Pentecostals, Muslims, Eastern Orthodox; get out there and complain because you have never had a Supreme Court Justice. Atheists and Agnostics? Don't complain, you've had one, David Davis who did not list any church or religion.

As for the Episcopalian imbalance? Well history tells us you guys have had your share of Supreme Court Justices. Thirty-three Justices have been Episcopalian, compared to us Catholics who have only had ten, eleven if we count John Roberts. You have had the largest share of Supreme Court Justices, so no complaints from you.

Let's stop worrying about does this person have the qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice and focus on what really matters, religion. We didn't want to admit it, but that is exactly why we are doing this. We Catholics are going to take over the Supreme Court, then the whole United States. Yep, in a few years all of you will be practicing your rosaries if we have anything to say about it.



Lisa Renee said...

I know I said I wasn't planning on cross posting, but there is an extended version of this post at Watch Blog for those of you who want to check it out.


faith said...

LoL ! Way to go, Lisa. Keeping in context and focused. Is what you do best. ( lol still ). No Southern Baptists ? Why, I'm surprised. :)

Brew said...

Even one Episcopalian on the bench is probably an imbalance when you consider how few of us there really are . . .

Lisa Renee said...

I went into a little more detail on watch blog, You'd be surprised the number of Presidents that have been Episcopalian too, must be the religion of choice when it comes to Supreme Court Justices and Presidents..


Lisa Renee said...

Faith there have been four Baptists, so at least you have had some representation - lol

and ((HUGS))


Hooda Thunkit said...

What about "those" Catholics???

You need not have any worries, fears, or concerns about "Catholics" these days. They now come in as many "flavors" as there are colors, hues, or shades in a rainbow. (The rainbow reference is meant in the traditional "biblical" sense only)

Come to think of it, most religions these days are equally diverse in their views, shades, and hues.

Doncha think?

Lisa Renee said...

There you go being all logical ht, we can't let them know things like would ruin the whole fear of the "catholic invasion"


Cyberseaer said...

Well with O'Connor being Episcopalian, she's almost a Catholic. Yes, I agree. Let there be a Catholic Invasion. People say the Jews own Hollywood, let us Catholics own the Supreme Court.

Soon, the justices will be accepting collect calls from the Pope and will do as he deems best. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you feel the shift changing to the smoking pocketbooks? We are in control! We are in control! We are in control!

Me4Prez said...

Maybe if Catholics control the Supreme Court, I will have a better chance at becoming President if I can get them to hear the case. I may not even run, just petition that I would have if I had run.

Lisa Renee said...

Having some fun with that idea C?

I'm anticipating mass will be held before each decision


me4 good point this would be a good move in our favor as far as getting you into office, or maybe that supreme court opening after all.

Jonathan said...

Since the libs on the court, as well as the retiring O'Connor, are fond of affirmative action, maybe I have a shot of being on the SCOTUS bench. I mean, I'm a Methodist, and it looks like there is a gross underrepresentation of Methodists on the and historically! ;-)

jjl2000_9 said...

Think I got a shot kiddo. No, unfortunately, its not my religion that would disqualify me. I can relate to Doug Ginsberg.

Lisa Renee said...

Good point Johnathan that is true, and jj? You, I would support in a heartbeat because while you are a conservative you would not rule from emotion.


Anonymous said...

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