Saturday, July 09, 2005

An awesome opportunity for me...

I've been accepted as an writer for Watch Blog in the Third Party and Independent group. I spent part of the day figuring out what I wanted my first blog entry there to be about, wrote one then decided that wasn't what I was looking for. Then I created what is there now.

So I'll be adding that to my "other places I blog" category. I will still as always be spending the majority of my time here, and while it is allowed, I'm not going to cross post unless it's something extremely important.

I feel this will help me grow both as a writer and a blogger and challenge me even more to do my best. If you get a chance head over there and see what you think of my items and those of some of the other editors there.



Dottie said...

Good first post too. I'll be checking that out as well. Hope you dont get lost in the crowd over there. There seems to be a lot of writers. Keeps a girl busy for hours.

Lisa Renee said...


I was pretty nervous but now? I feel alot better.


Anonymous said...


I think you should cross post as much as you like. I see it like this, you are reaching a wider audience. If you were a syndicated news paper columnist, you wouldn't write a seperate article for every newspaper would you?

Lisa Renee said...

Thanks Steve, I have considered it but to me, I am at least at this point looking at it this way, let me use Distance as an example, some of the people that read your site read mine too. Those that didn't read Distance before or those that didn't read my work here before would have no reason to visit both sites and could miss some very well written pieces by other people. So I like to make sure those who visit us both don't have to read duplicate items and those who are new? Want to read others as well.

Co-blogging to me is like a family where you of course want to be the favorite aunt or uncle but want the rest of the family to be loved and supported as well.


Faith said...

Lisa, often I've wondered how far you could go and what, if any, would be limiting. You're a woman of great inspiration who has my admiration. BTW, decided long ago, you'd not be impeded. Special purpose by divine design. Congrats. :)