Saturday, July 09, 2005

Poor Robert Novak and Matt Drudge.....

Despite their best guessing Chief Justice Rehnquist did not resign yesterday. To the throngs of reporters gathered outside his home yelling questions at him about his possible retirement:

"That's for me to know and you to find out,"

I like that, he's still got spunk. Reading that made me laugh and say "Goooo Chief Justice".

It reminds me of the old quote "Reports of my death have been highly exaggerated".

Maybe he will retire, maybe he won't. Some reports as mentioned in the above linked New York Time article give the impression that he is doing much better healthwise. According to Wikpedia the time span of 11 years without a retirement on the Supreme Court when Justice Day O'Connor gave notice has happened only once before in history (1812–1823). Typically there is an opening every two years due to retirement or death.

Personally, and granted I have no connection with Chief Justice Rehnquist, but I believe he will not retire at this point. He has given decades to the Supreme Court and I feel if his retirement is to happen at all it will be after the confirmation process for Justice Day O'Connor is completed or at least looks like it will be completed. I think he will wait at a minimum until President Bush announces his desired replacement for Justice Day O'Connor.

Could his health take a turn for the worse? Of course, however given his commitment to the Court and past struggles with health issues including his current thyroid cancer when alot of other Justices would have retired? He did not, which leads me to believe he is not going to retire at all, that he will continue until death does part him from that position.

So will I be right? Or will I join Novak and Drudge in being wrong? Time will tell.


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