Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More issues related to HPV vaccine...

In addition to the controversy as to who should get the series of shots and how long they are effective for and the fact that their is no booster shot available yet. Then the whole side effect aspect, my oldest daughter passed out after her first shot. I had suggested she wait but? She opted to go ahead, and was the first one in our particular doctor's office that had received it. The fact that the nurse was not aware of the fainting side effect bothered me but then it's obvious there are larger issues with this as pointed out in a Washington Post article entitled, Who Gets Stuck?.

I checked beforehand to make sure our insurance would pay for her to have the Gardasil series but from the sounds of it not all doctors offices are even planning on carrying the vaccine or large quantities of it based on the cost being charged to them to have it in office.
Discontent over the price of the vaccine -- the most expensive ever approved -- highlights a long-simmering dispute over reimbursement for immunizations, traditionally regarded as bedrock medicine. It is a dispute, experts say, with significant public health implications that has accelerated as the number of costly new vaccines has proliferated.

Personally this to me is further evidence that before such a vaccine is made "mandatory" anywhere that these types of issues first be discussed and addressed.

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