Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lookin for Love on Link Lovin Thursday....

Somehow this just seemed...perfect for today:

Frustrated by the limits their jobs put on their love life, some farmers and ranchers are turning to a Web site designed to play Cupid to members of the agricultural community sprawled across the United States and Canada.

Farmers Only Where the slogan is, "You don't have to be lonely! Now there's Farmers Only". Where "City Folks just don't get it"...(Evidently Cleveland Marketing and PR person Jerry Miller who created this "gets it" and he's enjoying some mighty fine profits from the looks of it.)

Happily attached? Not interested in finding that Farmer or Cowgirl out there just wrangling for your attention?

Then join in sharing some link love OTA style...Don't know what I'm talking about? Head on down the road to The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, she won't help you find the farmer of your dreams but it is the road to entertainment and information.

First today to share some link love is Planck's Constant, who'd like you to stop by to read Iran Newspaper Increases Reward to 25 grand for Holocaust Cartoon

Excerpt: Last Tuesday the Iranian Cartoon Contest ended (here are the participants from 60 countries). Some of the entrants drawings are on this page. The winners will be announced shortly and I'll list them here.

Tor's Rants shares another good post, The Buddhist I Ching: Difficulty

Excerpt: I wish I could find the quote now, but I believe I'm not horribly mangling the meaning of Pema Chodron when I attribute to her the notion that an enlightened being should be indifferent as to whether the world about them is calm or busy, or whether they are experiencing plain or pleasure.

Mark My Words wants to share 9-11 - It's a conspiracy! v.1

Excerpt: or.. Sometimes you feel like a nut ...but some people really are nuts It's going to take several posts to cover all of the discussions. I've been involved with lately ...