Thursday, January 26, 2006

Share the love Thursday and fish blogging!

Yes, it is Thursday again, and at least I can say I have blogged about my goldfish, twice. Another funny cartoon from Ipso Facto Comic Blog

Andddd do what it is that you all do best and I'll take it from there.

For those of you who are sitting there wondering what in the world I am writing about? Visit The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns and all will be revealed.....

We start out today with Quietly Making Noise with "Love is Free"

Excerpt: I have issues with both the Catholic Church and the evangelical religious right. I do not subscribe to orthodoxy and the need for intercession any more than the zealous arrogance embodied by the so called believers...

Bloggin' Outloud then joins in to share "The Daily Brew (06.0126)"

Excerpt: Thursday's Brew - Flavor du Jour: The State of Marriage, "Gay Marriage, A Contradiction of Terms" by Lyn Perry. Virginia is advancing toward a "gay marriage" referendum. According to the Washington Post...

This next one isn't technically a trackback but is one that some of you might find of interest The Real Ugly American has a post called "Commie Radio comes Crashing Down" , where he shares a post written by Mark Cooper but also some of his frustration with being a Democrat and seeing the party go more left than he'd like to see and what kind of a response he's gotten from some on the left. While I think the extreme right exhibits some of the same behaviors, I've had people not happy with me when I didn't agree with what I consider to be extreme from the left as well.

Freedom Folks has a post Tanker Bros. Shed A Little Light

Excerpt: My homie Dragon Master Gunner dismantles one of the lefts favorite lies with extreme prejudice.

Conservative Cat shares an interesting theory "Is Ted Kennedy an Illegal Biological Weapons Lab?"

Excerpt: Bruce's job involves using computers to decode DNA sequences, and this afternoon he was invited to listen to a presentation on environmental DNA samples. These are slices of biological material which are processed into DNA sequences without being separated into individual species.

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