Thursday, December 08, 2005

Share the link love Thursday....

I've given up on the whole Weblog Awards thing for personal reasons I removed the sidebar link and I am not going to ask anyone to vote for me. After what I've seen not only with the Ridor incident but some of the other stuff going on in the Best New Blog category (Thank you God for me not being a finalist there) it doesn't mean anything to me at all anymore.

However, there is a very awesome blog that frankly when I first saw it I knew was not only a worthy site to compete against but a good one. So? If you are a LCS fan that is still voting for me? Please vote for The Reign of Ellen instead. Not only is she an awesome artist but she has a very good book on depression. Not to mention she is a mom of a very adorable little girl and she writes from her heart. Exactly the kind of person I would love to say I lost to. So the link to vote for our category is in the head title for those that want to help me show that in at least our category in this contest that the "Best" blogger really does win. That would be an awesome thing for those of you who support me to help happen.

Those that want to share the link love? You know what to do and I'll include you here on the front page as soon as I can.


The Real Ugly American drops by to share The UN fails again

Three Cheers for John Bolton. This is exactly why GWB sent John Bolton to the UN, to call them on their Fecklessness, hypocrisy, and corruption.

Customer Servant shares They Killed The Link

I got in this morning to find that the link I use to access the database interface has been killed, and to top it off, the new interface doesn’t work with Jaws.

This is exactly what I thought was going to happen.

Diane's Stuff would like you to read Kali- Symbol of Destruction

Kali is the Hindu mother goddess, symbol of dissolution and destruction. She is also known as “the black one”. When I first brought MY Kali home as a 6 weeks old pup we bandied names about for a few days until I decided on Kali for several reasons, the...

Freedom Folks wants to bring this Gilchrist's Amazing Fight in California to your attention.

WOW. I just read the final election results here and here from yesterday's election in California

Bloggin' Outloud writes another good article worth reading, Christmas Wars - Christian vs Christian

In one corner we have those who believe that the culture war has escalated and Christmas is taking a hit. In the other corner, we have those who are concerned that we're creating a controversy where none exists. Let's round up the suspects and duke ...

Freedom Folks gives us a second share, An Offer for Iran

Iran's president questions Holocaust

Then three from the talents of Don Surber, Girlie Men Challenge Girl

The big brave students at UConn shouted down a girl commentator during a speech last night. Somewhere John Belushi is shaking his fists in anger. Legend has it that during the 1968 DNC, he took on half the Chicago Police Department. Under the real Mayo...

Surber continues, Power Jammers Episode I

PJM is an elite group of 70 of the universe's most super-duper bloggers, drawn together to bring order to the 00.07% of Internet users who visit the Blogosphere each day.

Together they fight the villainous MSM and their

Old Surber (no I'm not calling him that, honest!) The Hypocrisy of Harvard

THE hypocrisy of the nation's most powerful colleges and universities was shown this week in the U.S. Supreme Court. The colleges want to shield their law students from military recruiters while still receiving federal money, including Pentagon research...

Two stories shared from TMH's Bacon Bits, Who Is Wearing the Camouflage?

Nothing is more frustrating than when our boys (and gals) in uniform have been captured by the enemy. I literally cringed when I read the following: “When [Hillary] Clinton’s name was announced, she received a standing ovation.”

Division Among the ACLU Membership
Should child pornographers, sex offenders, and terrorists be worried? Are the internal ACLU critics actually concerned about TRUE civil liberties? Or is a backlash brewing that will send the ACLU even more over the top than it already is?

I missed this last one last night, and it is a very good one so here it is:

Conservative Cat A Solution to the Air Marshal Problem

I've decided I need to weigh in on the issue of the shooting of a deranged airline passenger in Miami. Air marshals say that Rigoberto Alpizar claimed to have a bomb in his bag. When they told him to drop...


Brian Maxson said...

I've been voting for you all week! I'm sorry I missed this post, but personally I enjoy your site. I read it everyday.

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian, in the end that's all that matters. (Good research on the post at Toledo Talk)


Scott G said...

You will get the opportunity to be included in my awards when I get them all completed. They will be far more prestigious than those other snooty ones. They will be the medal of freedom for bloggers.

Brian Maxson said...

Thanks Lisa, I do try.

I sincerely abhor comming across as so aggressive, but it seems to get results.

I also don't mean to come across as a jerk, but being out of the area, I won't get "retaliation". :}

You are a very bright and insightful and moralistic person, I appreciate that in you, thank you.

Now, if they would only make me king....

Unknown said...

Brian, sometimes your way works better than mine. Sometimes being agressive gets results that compromise doesn't. I respect you too, and I know you care more about this area than some of the people that live here. Sure you are more conservative than I am but that's okay, you can't be perfect (lol) You've never been a jerk to me, even when we disagree you have treated me with respect, and you take being teased pretty darn well.

You are smart, funny and you know your stuff too, however? You can't be King unless I could be Queen and then? That would be interesting - lol


The MaryHunter said...

My first visit to your site... via the OTB Alliance. Such a nice design! I keep wanting to wipe my screen off with a tissue, though.

Interesting posts. Keep up the good work. Thanks also for the links... I do hard links for trackbackers as well, at my Bacon Break parties.

Unknown said...

Thank you MaryHunter, I like it too.