Saturday, September 04, 2010

Men are reviewed in the Times far more often than women

What's going to be interesting is if anything changes after the recent focus on accusations being made that the New York Times book review process is preferential to white males. Slate does a nice job in summarizing as well as researching the fiction aspect in -- Fact-Checking the Franzenfreude. One tiny part:
We compared men to women and then highlighted the authors whose books had been singled out for the one-two punch of a weekday review and a review in the Sunday Times Book Review.
Here's what we found.
Of the 545 books reviewed between June 29, 2008 and Aug. 27, 2010:
—338 were written by men (62 percent of the total)
—207 were written by women (38 percent of the total)
Of the 101 books that received two reviews in that period:
—72 were written by men (71 percent)
—29 were written by women (29 percent)
What does this tell us? These overall numbers pretty well line up with what other studies have found: Men are reviewed in the Times far more often than women. One crucial bit of information missing, of course, is the percentage of all published adult fiction that has been written by men vs. women. As for the double reviews, men seem to get them twice as often as women.

You may also want to read the XX Factor and Lionel Shriver's I write a nasty book. And they want a girly cover on it.

I wrote a book, though no publisher was interested, I self published. So, I can't comment personally on how I was treated. Though I do thank the many who have bought In Memory Of: The Loved and the Forgotten of Ohio.

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