Friday, June 25, 2010

Once my WebTv was faster than my computer

As I sit here outside, using my little netbook, I can't help but think back to less than a decade ago when my WebTv was faster than the computer we had at the time. You could actually connect and receive e-mail faster through the WebTv than the computer. Then we got our first top of the line computer that pales in comparison to what is out there, and dial up was still the only game in town. I remember when cable internet was finally available where we lived, then several years later DSL finally arrived.

I remember my first laptop, a Sony VAIO and the excitement of being able to connect more than one computer on line at the same time. Then to be able to go wireless, slow at times and you had to deal with the usb connection with the antenna thingy but, still wireless.

Now, I have my monster tower and my handy dandy netbook, which weighs nothing compared to my previous laptops. With the built in wireless it connects effortlessly whether I'm at home or at work, once in a while even while I wait for the bus, depending on the availability of a connection. I've gone from Windows 98 being the latest and greatest to Windows 7. Then I think back even a bit farther and remember how excited I was as an administrative assistant when self correcting typewriters were purchased by my employer...It's amazing how far we've come...

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Cyberseaer said...

In five years from now, you will be saying, "I remember when my computer was faster than my iPad." LOL