Saturday, April 03, 2010

858 people speak for you...

Yes, I know there is this whole belief that polls are scientific but the reality is no matter who does the poll and how they try to sell it all it really means is however many people were polled feel that way. This CBS Poll is an example of bad polling - despite the fact that they proclaim:

This poll release conforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National
Council on Public Polls.

Why? The political ideology of those polled is not included and that makes a huge difference. If the percentage of those called between March 29 and April first were not Democrats it's not surprising that Obama's approval numbers dropped or that health care is not supported. Nor can you really accurately gauge how the numbers have risen or dropped unless you ask the same people each time.

Which doesn't happen in these polls. I'm a Zogby panelist, which makes me wonder why the most recent poll I participated in on the question of health care and the never ending "are you proud or ashamed of President Obama" has not been released. While I am a panelist, even Zogby only shared what those who participate think, the only advantage to how they do some of their polling is you are at least seeing how some of the same people feel on a regular basis.

The problem with the way CBS did this poll is it makes it appear that a majority of Americans feel a way that is not being evidenced by those who I know who are Democrats.

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