Friday, February 19, 2010

Making a hero out of a murderer?

Facebook once again proves that our nation is full of all kinds of people, including those that feel that flying a plane into an IRS building, killing and injuring people is not only okay but heroic. There are over 134 Facebook fan pages on Joe Stack, most proclaiming his beliefs as acceptable, a few claiming he is a hero. Those are being shut down and then reopened...One example from the Joe Stack American Hero fan page !:

Common Interest - Current Events
Joe Stack was a great American ! Dedicated to freedom ! Flying his plane into an IRS building was heroic indeed ! Joe Stack deserves to be recognized for his greatness ! Most americans are mindless drones of capitalism ! Happy to just get enough while slowly America drifts into 3rd world status !

Another example from Joe Stack - Patriot:
Common Interest - Philosophy
This sole purpose of this group is to acknowledge the revolutionary philosophies of Joe Stack, and the truths that he pointed out in his suicide note. It in no way encourages violence or even celebrates the violence he committed, but acknowledges his views were not that of a nut job, but an angry patriot who feels his country needs drastic change. Income Tax should be abolished! Our government is failing us!

There is some huge hypocrisy taking place when we as a nation who went to war because people who were angry at us flew a plane into a building with the aim of killing people but then have people making a hero out of someone who flew a plane into a building with the aim of killing people...

There are also those complaining about their free speech being violated by Facebook taking down sites glorifying Stack. There are also people giving the hosting owner of the website Stack used grief for taking down the site at the request of the FBI, link, where some actually believe that there is some conspiracy theory over this. That the FBI or some other governmental entity hacked into Stack's website to leave the suicide note.

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Robin said...

Joe Stack is a POS. If people have a problem with the way the government spends our money then maybe they should pay closer attention to who they vote for.