Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yushchenko seen as the Barack Obama of his day?

Maybe part of the reason some in the Ukraine are disillusioned stems from the title, they believed the election hype rather than reality. Politicians are not saviors, most times they lie and their promises are because voters have shown time and time again it's whoever tells them what they want to hear the most? Wins.

Of course they throw in an occasional "life is going to be hard" type spiel lest to immediately identify they are promising more than what can be delivered. In Ukraine, the Death of the Orange Revolution Time writes about the disappointment, yet when all you do is elect someone that you think is going to fix things for you then you don't hold them accountable when they don't or can't? Waiting for the next election isn't a solution...

But no matter who's elected, voters have little reason to believe the election will bring about any real change. Across the country, Ukrainians are brimming with anger at the failure of their leaders to tackle the country's chronic corruption or bring about much-needed economic or judicial reforms. "We should line them all up against a wall," says Andriy, a taxi driver in the eastern town of Dnipropetrovsk who only gave his first name. "They promise everything, but give us nothing." Judging by the current climate, many Ukrainians may not be voting for a particular candidate so much as voting against another. One candidate hoping to tap into this widespread dissatisfaction recently changed his name to Vasyl Protyvsikh, or Vasyl "Against All."

You get the government you vote for...

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