Monday, January 25, 2010

The public has clearly registered a protest vote against Obama?

Here we go, let's briefly refresh the basics, if you run a bad campaign? You lose, it's not a President's fault, or Congress's fault or even the health care bruhaha, and anyone remotely knowledgeable about politics knows the main reason Brown won in Mass is he ran a better campaign...Evidently this particular Newsweek reporter did not pay attention to all of the warning signs that had nothing to do with DC in writing, this:
Still, last week's special election in Massachusetts is a sign that Obama has a big problem. The public has clearly registered a protest vote against him, congressional Democrats, and their signature policy proposal: the health-care bill. The size of the swing, the issues raised during the campaign and in exit polls, and the migration of independents all suggest that Obama is confronting not just generalized anger but dissatisfaction with the course that the ruling party has taken. How he responds will shape the rest of his term.

It's a mid-term election in the worst economy in people's recent memory. If Hillary would have won, if McCain would have won, seats would have changed parties...

Then again, maybe some of the media wasn't paying attention like a few of us were, since Howard Kurtz suggests they were napping.

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