Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life is a river flowing back to the Sea

I realize the title may make some of you think of the Alan Parsons Project song, Time but there's a deeper purpose to this post. A friend called me tonight because her best friend died. I'd been avoiding thinking of death since the anniversary of my father's death was last week. That date is embedded in my heart and soul, yet now it seems few remember so it's something I share alone. Which is okay, the reality is losing someone you love whether it is a friend or a relative is really a private thing. Words can never properly express what that person meant to you and while people try to give you platitudes which may be very sincere, that does not make the pain go away. Time does make it fade.

Which then got me thinking again about life and death in general. I came across this site, The NDE and Pre-Birth: Kevin Williams' research conclusions and some of the material written there is rather profound. Especially this:
If our experience as a human is analogous to a journey down a river, then our experience as a spirit is analogous to the entire water cycle. Each of us is like a raindrop which fell from a cloud and ultimately entered into a river for the journey back from where it came - the sea. Then the cycle is repeated.

In the same way that a drop of water is a part of the sea and contains within itself the nature of the sea itself, so our spirit is a part of God containing within it the Whole of God itself. This concept of a something being both a part and the Whole is called in science terminology a fractal.

By becoming a droplet in the water cycle, we can experience wonderful adventures which ultimately help us to understand ourselves and the sea even more. Which river of life we choose to travel down is up to us. Once we begin the journey, we are partly at the mercy of the river and the course it takes us. How we chose to flow down the river is our decision.

This river which represents the course of our life that leads us back to God is an archetype that is familiar to us. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we feel drawn to rivers and why we regarded them as sacred. In ancient cultures, religions and even in near-death experiences, this archetype of life being a river appears. On the river, we are always moving forward from a source and toward an end. Life starts out as a small creek and grows into large river with rapids, forks, tributaries, rocks, and sometimes floods. Rivers have a history and are evolving. The river of life can take us to a variety of destinations on shore. There are many decisions and choices to make while traveling the river. Sometimes we have no choice at all but submit to the mercy of the river. At times we can relax and go with the flow. Other times we can shoot the rapids. We can row our boats gently down the stream. But if we just remain on the shore, we will never reach our destination and goal. Wisdom means knowing the best course of action to take as we travel down the river.

I strongly recommend those of you remaining on the shore, think about diving in, before your boat passes you by...

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