Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inbound verus outbound call centers...

Telemarketing has gotten a bad rap, but the reality is most of those who work in a call center environment deal with inbound calls versus outbound calls. While many of these jobs have moved over seas, there still are quite a few companies that use call center operations from here in the United States. With many companies trying to cut back on staff actually employed by them, subcontracting the customer service portion of the business has continued to be a regular business practice. This enables the business to not have to worry about staffing or training, that is contracted out.

I worked in a call center environment for almost two years, it was one of the more enjoyable jobs I had, we took inbound calls for level one tech support for a cable internet provider but the same company I worked for also handled a variety of products, from cell phones to food products. Unfortunately that company closed our location with those jobs going out of the country, but many areas now are finding that hundreds will turn out to apply for call center jobs.

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