Friday, October 23, 2009

Shimon Peres thinks there can be peace with Palestine

That caught my attention as a headline, Peres: 'There Will Be Peace With the Palestinians' in my news reader. So, I headed over to read the three page article, thinking it would contain something new, or something that indicated that Israel's position had changed.

Some of the discussion centered around the Goldstone report, that acknowledges reality, both Israel and Hamas have done horrible things to each other, but Israel is the power, New York Times article referenced in Newsweek.

We can debate how much blame Hamas shares, it can not be said they have none, but what's most interesting is that Israel does not feel it should be investigated, that's not surprising. It is ironic for Peres to state that the UN is biased against Israel when the US and other nations have prevented any action from ever being taken against Israel and the simple numbers demonstrate which side has killed more. I don't dispute the fact there are some biased against Israel, and since they have been protected for so many years, it's understandable that other nations who have seen this happen for decades would try to push it. Of course, some of these countries have a less than perfect record themselves. Which is the irony to this, China and Russia don't want a similar focus on them, those who are pushing like Libya, have little room to talk about humanitarianism, and at the end of it all? Things in Palestine are still the same. People will die because they are blocked access to food and medical care, people's homes will be destroyed, their ability to earn an income that can be survived on destroyed but, supposedly there will be "peace out of necessity" which makes one wonder exactly what the definition of that type of peace would be when it would not involve stopping settlements and it would not involve any of the land issues...And more importantly, I think we all realize that the Goldstone report will be buried, because if the UN actually cared about what was right? There would have already been peace in not only Palestine but many other places on this earth...

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