Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm glad I didn't get the Sidekick...

I actually wanted a Sidekick, but I switched from T-mobile to Alltel when my oldest daughter moved out west. Her plan was cheaper than mine and taking over her old phone number gave her a failsafe for contacts that did not know she was California bound. Alltel didn't offer one, so I went with something different.

Which now in reading the Blade's article this morning about the complete melt down of the data servers, I'm glad I didn't.

This does however point out that you should take the time every now and then to save your contacts, every so often I email all of my phone numbers to myself, that way I'll always have them as a back up.

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Robin said...

From what I understand the Sidekick has had a whole bunch of other problems. Which is a shame considering how much people pay for these phones.