Saturday, August 22, 2009

Digging into 990's

I've been doing a research project into local non-profits in our area to be able to do a comparison on how much the top executives/board of directors make. What's been interesting on top of the difference in the salary numbers is one thing that seems to be a constant in almost all of them, large and small, every year purchases of office furniture, which could make one wonder why so many furniture items are being bought when the employee numbers don't increase, in some cases decrease. I've had the same computer desk for ten years, I've had the same computer chair for three, so it's been kind of surprising to see how much is spent on office furniture that in some cases seems like with what it cost, it should last longer than my originally priced $80.00 computer desk...

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Robin said...

What do they all do with the old furniture?

At my work, we were asking for new chairs in our department. The "higher ups" refused because it would cost them way too much money. The chairs we had were old and falling apart. They finally did get us new chairs and then turned around and sold the old chairs for $5 each.

At home, my work desk is probably about 20 years old. My chair is nearly new. I bought it a couple months ago since I'm using my work station more often now.